There are 3 Steps (Milestones) to comprehensively Evaluate this technology and to understand Navibees product. Following are the details of each milestone. Please download the documents and files for each of them and follow the instructions given in the documents.

Milestone 1 Components: Basic Navigation Testing with Android Sample App 

  1. NaviBees Component Overview Guide  
  2. NaviBees Getting Start Guide
  3. Sample APK file for Navigation Kit Testing

Download: Milestone 1 - Docs and Files

Milestone 2 Components:  Advance Testing with Android/iOS SDK sample App

  1. iOS SDK Sample App
  2. Android SDK Sample App
  3. Map Resources of existing Navigation Kit
  4. Android Guide to Replace MapResources in SDK Sample App
  5. iOS Guide to Replace MapResources in SDK Sample App

Download: Milestone 2 - Docs and Files

Milestone 3 Components: Integration of SDK with your client's own App

  1. Android SDK
  2. Android SDK Documents
  3. iOS SDK
  4. iOS SDK Document

Download: Milestone 3 - Docs and Files