V2.1 - 1st Jan, 2020


  • Get Region Trail API. Provides movement record for beacons
  • Get Devices Location API. Provides the location of devices placed on ALS portal
  • Get Entry Exit API. Provides entry and exit timestamps of beacon entering and exiting the building
  • ALS Gen2. Generation 2 ALS Server which now includes only 2 VMs and requires less resources
  • Provided support for forgot password page


  • Added descriptions for all pages in user roles creation page
  • Provided compulsory field for adding new floor
  • Provided support for building wise grouping of floors in add/edit Geo-fence rules


  • Provided error for not providing compulsory fields in add/edit floors
  • Fixed Calibrated RSSI value bug
  • Fixed Geo-fence rule bug which leads to creating rule for sending email while email settings not specified
  • Fixed Geo-fence rule bug which leads to create rule for sending notification to mqtt broker while settings not specified 
  • Fixed edit user profile bug. Updating user picture is now possible
  • Fixed adding new user values bug. Now adding image during user creation doesn't removes user role and gender values 
  • Fixed Location Tracking page rights bug for use role editing
  • Fixed PACS Overview rights error
  • Fixed alert rule creation bug
  • Fixed Geo-Fence rule creation bug without specifying compulsory fields